10 strategies for improving content marketing with analytics

Credit: nathanmac87

1 Summary

Making content marketing strategies contribute to revenue involves more than delivering a continual stream of blog posts, e-books, website content, white papers, and video content. The best content marketers make a point of working with sales teams to gain a thorough understanding of the buying process and how each buying role contributes to a sale. Also, there are specific tips and rules to keep in mind when pursuing a strategy that involves collaboration between different groups in an organization.

Key findings from this report include:

  • Combining story-based content in a problem/solution context increased conversion rates by 46 percent for a B2B marketer of enterprise software.
  • Including customer videos and testimonials within story-based content increased conversion rates by 53 percent for a B2B marketer.
  • Tracking each content-based tactic or strategy by program cost, pipeline generated, and expected or forecasted revenue and calculating the ratio of revenue to investment shows which content-based strategies are paying off and which aren’t.
  • The bottom line is that conversion rates improve when content becomes contextual, tells a compelling story, and includes measurable results with which prospects quickly identify.

Source: flickr user nathanmac87