10 best practices for saving money on IaaS

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Cloud computing, particularly infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), is well known for producing benefits such as scalability, flexibility and agility. However, the benefit of cost savings remains controversial at best. Some claim that cost reduction is inherent to cloud computing, while others claim that it raises costs. The reality is simply not that black and white.

To be clear: Cloud computing may or may not result in cost savings when compared to traditional IT, depending on myriad variables.

What can be said with a high degree of certainty is that IT organizations are using IaaS heavily and the cost of cloud services factors in their decision to select the cloud provider. Simply put, cloud adopters want to use IaaS and they don’t want to pay more than necessary.

CIOs and other senior IT leaders have a growing responsibility to ensure that the right steps for cost savings and optimization are understood and applied to the right IT processes throughout their organizations. The best practices outlined in this report serve as a guide to achieving these savings. This report focuses on the clear and practical steps you can take to optimize cloud spend and get the most value for your dollar.

Not every organization will be able to implement all of the steps described here. However, it is expected that following these best practices will contribute greatly to optimizing your cloud spending. If you follow these steps, you will save money on IaaS.

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