In regions without mobile broadband, or where it’s still too expensive to have a data plan, other ways to connect to the web are always welcome. Say hello to Cosmos Browser, which provides web access using SMS so that you can view web pages without using Wi-Fi or even a lowly 2G network. Using Cosmos on Android, you enter a web address which is sent to back-end servers through a text message. The servers strip out CSS and JavaScript from the content at that URL, compress the information and sends it back via SMS. The host app then decompresses the site info and renders the HTML. Clever!

NASA Mars Curiosity rover

The Curiosity rover has been rolling across Mars’ surface for two years now, stopping regularly to analyze samples of Martian rocks and conduct other experiments. But the whole time it has been traveling toward its primary goal: Mount Sharp, a huge mountain that could explain what happened in the earliest days of the planet’s atmosphere. Curiosity has now arrived at the mountain and will begin inspecting its lower slopes.

Blackberry has acquired Movirtu, a London-based company that specializes in virtual SIM technology, it announced on Thursday. Originally, Movirtu’s business centered around shared phone service for poor regions in India and Southeast Asia, but Blackberry is likely to use its cloud-based account management technology to improve its enterprise and bring-your-own-device capabilities — so an IT manager could, say, apply policies to a work phone number on a employee’s personal phone. Blackberry intends to deploy Movirtu technology on other smartphone operating systems, including iOS and Android.

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