Slack, one of the many startups making a name for itself in the work-collaboration space, today said it acquired the two-man, bootstrapped startup Spaces for an undisclosed amount. Spaces’ core product is a sharable document in which users can collaborate together with graphics, text, annotations and other work-related items; with Slack providing a chat platform that aims to centralize an enterprise’s work into one locale, the deal makes sense. Slack’s rise to startup stardom highlights the importance major cloud providers are putting on work-collaboration tools, like Amazon’s Zocalo product; Slack is also putting the pressure on Box and Dropbox who have both been boosting their workflow-management features in recent months.

Context Relevant, a Seattle-based company pushing a set of specialized machine learning applications, has added to its series B round of venture capital with $13.5 million from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Formation 8, New York Life, and Bloomberg Beta. In a world of data science and open source libraries, Context Relevant’s approach of focusing on a select set of algorithms, and making them easy to implement, is pretty smart. It certainly seems to have struck a chord with financial services customers, which has historically been a lucrative market for software vendors.

Has it really been more than a year since Microsoft and Nokia said Flipboard would arrive on Windows Phone? Yes, it has: During the July 2013 Lumia 1020 launch event, it was said the Flipboard will “soon be available.” I guess “soon” is now because Flipboard is out of beta and in the Windows Phone store. Don’t expect to flip through stories though: You’ll be swiping the day away because the flip interface isn’t there, reports The Verge. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose? And what’s next: Flappy Birds that don’t flap? Anyway, if you’re been waiting for the app, it’s there for the taking…. and the swiping.

Update at 4:26pm: Flipboard tweeted that the app is just a placeholder and that a “more polished version” is coming soon.

Motorola’s newest high-end phone will be available on Verizon, not that it was ever in doubt. The carrier announced Thursday that the new Moto X will cost $99 for the 16GB model on a two-year contract, or either $499 or $549 at full price, starting September 26. Your color options include a standard black model and a white phone with a bamboo rear shell, as well as the options provided by the Moto Maker customization service. The new Moto X is already available on AT&T, and the unlocked version should work fine on T-Mobile, but Sprint subscribers coveting the Moto X are probably out of luck.

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