Once you upgrade to the latest Microsoft-owned Skype client for iOS 8, you’ll be able to answer incoming voice or video calls much faster. The newest Skype version takes advantage of extensions in Apple’s mobile software, allowing Skype notifications to appear right on the lock screen of an iPhone. These are actionable notifications — both on the lock screen and though the regular drop-down notification method — so one tap picks up the call. The updated Skype client is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

The privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo has been blocked in China, company CEO Gabriel Weinberg has told Tech in Asia. Weinberg said he was unsure when the blockade began, but Chinese censorship monitor Greatfire.org suggests it started early this month. In China, where local search operations like Baidu rule the roost, Google Search has also been blocked since May. Yahoo Search and Microsoft’s Bing are both allowed in China as both companies have local servers, but they have to heavily censor their results in the country. DuckDuckGo benefited from Edward Snowden’s mass surveillance revelations, as it allows people to search for things without being tracked, though the fact that it is U.S.-based worries some privacy advocates.

The case against Bitcoin Savings and Trust and its founder Trendon Shavers came to a close Friday after a judge found Shavers guilty of “knowingly and intentionally” operating a cryptocurrency ponzi scheme. Shavers’ case first drew headlines after the complaint was filed last July when his defense tried to argue that it wasn’t a ponzi scheme because bitcoin isn’t money. The judge quickly struck down that notion, and has now ordered the $38.6 million in illegal profits and $1.8 million in interest to be paid back, along with a $150,000 fine for each defendant, according to Reuters.

Although Google Now is closely associated with Android, it’s actually great on iOS as well, if you know where to find it: It’s hidden in the confusingly named Google Search app, which does a lot more than its name would suggest. With its latest update, the app gets improved Chromecast integration as well as new Google Now cards for TV recommendations and traffic. But the biggest change is that Google has renamed the Google Search app on iOS to simply “Google,” which Justin Timberlake would agree sounds a whole lot cleaner.

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