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This is a really welcome first move. Though I agree that the e-royalties need to be much higher, and for all books, not just direct. Direct sales are a pittance now, but than can change–and seems like one of the few plausible longterm answers to the…

For $79.80 off-contract, I’m not sure you can beat the Lumia 530 if you’re on a budget. That’s what T-Mobile will sell the Windows Phone 8.1 handset for when it arrives in stores on October 15. Sure, it’s the lowest-end Lumia there is — it only supports 3G networks as well — but I bought its predecessor last year for $40 on sale and was impressed for the money: That model is actually the best-selling Windows Phone of all time to date. Folks that can’t wait for T-Mobile’s inventory to arrive can order the Lumia 530 direct from the Microsoft Store or Best Buy this Sunday.

Angry Birds developer Rovio is considering laying off up to 130 people, or roughly 16 percent of its staff. The Finnish outfit’s CEO, Mikael Hed, said in a blog post on Thursday that Rovio had been expanding “on assumptions of faster growth than have materialized,” and would now focus on games, media and consumer products – as the Guardian has noted, this may affect Rovio’s burgeoning educational wing. Angry Birds versions still have around 200 million month active players, but that’s a falling number and the firm has struggled to come up with another hit that’s comparable. Still, Rovio has a great merchandizing business that will no doubt get a boost from an upcoming Angry Birds movie.

The latest Dropbox app update for Android gives users the ability to save files onto an SD card. Previously, users had to download files to their phone or tablet’s onboard storage and then use a file manager to transfer it to the external storage. Android users with SD card-equipped devices will find the option under the export menu. If you’re having trouble, the “display advanced devices” option in the settings menu should help. As cheap Android phones are increasingly coming with minimal onboard storage and an SD card slot, it would be nice to see more apps fully support expandable storage on Android.


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