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The nodes that rebooted successfully came back within 10 minutes each. The 22 that were lost were not rebooted, but replaced completely. Those took anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours each, depending on data size, to rejoin the cluster.

If your Nokia Lumia supports the Glance function that puts customized information on the Windows Phone lockscreen, you’ve got two more options to choose from. All About Windows Phone noted on Friday that a software update added both Weather and Health and Fitness to the Glance choices. Data from both can be seen on the lockscreen without unlocking the handset. These were originally said to be part of the Lumia Denim software update but one person says it works with the prior Lumia Cyan update. I’d love to verify that but my Lumia 520 doesn’t support Glance due to hardware restrictions; nor do these models according to Nokia: 521, 525, 526, 625, 630, 635, Icon and 930.

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