Bluetooth Smart to get smarter

The Bluetooth SIG has created a working group to explore the creation of a mesh networking standard for the radio protocol. This is big news for Bluetooth because it will help it better compete against other radios in the smart home and in the industrial internet of things. I covered several of the things one could do with a Bluetooth mesh network yesterday, as well as the creation of the working group, but now we know that the hope is to have a working profile that will be backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2 (maybe even 4.0) by 2016.

Did you miss me?

After pulling the strings from Dish Network’s boardroom for the last four years, Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen is once again assuming the CEO’s mantle, replacing Joseph Clayton, who will retire on March 31. Ergen co-founded Dish more than 30 years ago and stepped down as CEO in June of 2011, but he’s remained quite active as chairman and has been particularly involved in Dish’s recent stockpiling of mobile spectrum. Dish has said it plans to those airwaves to create a new U.S. mobile carrier, and apparently Ergen wants to be back at the helm for that fundamental change in its business.

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