No joke

Barry Diller’s IAC wants to cash in on the online video boom: IAC is putting CollegeHumor on the block, according to a report. IAC is reportedly looking to make $100 million with the sale, after acquiring CollegeHumor for $20 million eight years ago. However, CollegeHumor isn’t the only comedy site looking for a buyer. FunnyOrDie and the Onion are also on the market, with FunnyOrDie reportedly looking to make as much as $300 million, and the Onion asking potential buyers for $100 million as well.

Just not sure when

Good news for Chromecast owners: Vimeo hasn’t given up on the streaming stick, and plans to add cast support to its apps at some point in the future. “It’s gonna come, we just don’t know when,” said Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile during an interview Friday. Pile added that Chromecast support has been frequently requested, but that Vimeo is still trying to figure out how to slot it into its development roadmap, and which platforms to target first. Adding Chromecast support does make a lot of sense for Vimeo: A recent report estimated that the streaming stick accounted for 20 percent of all streaming device sales during the first nine months of this year.

Rovi paid just $12 million for Fan TV, the TV discovery startup previously known as Fanhattan, according to a FCC filing (hat tip to Multichannel News). Fan TV introduced its own set-top box for TV Everywhere services in early 2013, but had troubles to strike partnerships with pay TV operators to actually bring it to market. Earlier this month, Rovi announced that it was acquiring Fan TV for an undisclosed amount, with plans to keep the company up and running, but possibly white-label some of its products down the line. Fan TV raised around $40 million over the years.

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