Stories for Dec. 17, 2008

With all the hoopla surrounding Psystar these days, a few other companies have jumped on board the Mac clone bandwagon. In some cases they’re using somewhat, shall we say, unique, methods. Still, the intent is clear: skirt Apple’s EULA and sell a solution that allows Mac […] Read more »

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Most tech insiders know that VCs are risk-averse lemmings who chase hot new trends and when times turn bad, collectively groan: OMG! In short, they don’t quite do what they get paid to do — make money by investing in risky ideas during times of distress. […] Read more »

Chip companies are starting to offer lower power chips in an effort to help their customers reduce their electricity bills, but further down the pipeline, chip companies are examining how to incorporate energy-harvesting technology into new devices. This morning there’s news that Peregrine Semiconductor is working […] Read more »

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Soulja Boy Gets Animated Web Series; Interscope records to launch Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em: The Animated Series, which follows the rapper as he returns to high school (Alfonso Ribiero will play the principal!). (The Hollywood Reporter) WNYCWNET/Thirteen New York Signs Kaltura; prominent public television station taps […] Read more »

I’m a holiday junkie. I watch all the Christmas specials (including a copy of PeeWee’ Christmas Special which I have on VHS. It’s the only reason I still have a VCR), I make hot chocolate, I bake, I go absolutely insane. My insanity now extends to […] Read more »

EIA Cuts Carbon Emissions Forecast: The Energy Information Administration now expects U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 to be 9.4 percent less than forecast last year. — Reuters California Launches Green Chemistry Initiative: State officials unveiled a plan this week to disclose the environmental footprint […] Read more »

One year, eight years’ worth of tax credits for renewable energy projects: That’s a key component of the legislation Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada plans to push as part of an economic recovery package in Congress, the Las Vegas Journal-Review reports. The move would effectively be […] Read more »

Today the Wall Street Journal finally got around to pointing out that Clearwire’s plans to build out its Clear WiMAX network would likely be affected by the tight credit markets — something we first brought up in October. At that time, Clearwire said if needed, it […] Read more »

Silicon Valley is heading west — further west — to test out clean technologies under a deal announced yesterday. Big-name cleantech investor Khosla Ventures said it’s teaming up with Hawaiian utility Hawaiian Electric Co. on the evaluation and pilot testing of solar, lighting, battery and other […] Read more »

Jumpcut, the online video editing service acquired by Yahoo in 2006, is no longer accepting video uploads to its service. From the Jumpcut upload page: We’re sorry to announce that we are no longer accepting uploads to Jumpcut. We will be keeping the Jumpcut site up […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless is well known for disabling native hardware features on handsets but when they announced their new “open device” strategy, I hoped this would change. It really hasn’t all that much, sadly, but a new year brings new opportunities as they say. In the first […] Read more »

In anticipation of the growing footprint of its WiMAX (4G) service, the beleaguered mobile operator Sprint launched a 3G/4G dual-mode device, likely to go on sale on Dec. 21. The Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem U300, made by Franklin Wireless will cost $150 and will work with […] Read more »

In a nod toward privacy, Yahoo today said it would only keep personal data on searchers and portal users for 90 days (double that in cases of fraud or suspicious activity). This ups the ante for search firms Google, which halved its data retention time to nine […] Read more »

Researchers at Portugal’s Technical University of Lisbon and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a device to tap the power of waves, which was designed using millions of calculations in order to capture the maximum amount of energy possible in a specific location. The […] Read more »

Only 6 more days to go in our HP Magic Giveaway contest so you’d better not forget and get your entry in!  Just share your best mobile tech tip to be eligible to win over $6,000 of prizes supplied by HP and Microsoft.  Full details in […] Read more »

One of the sticking points with Clear’s national WiMAX product is the lack of geographic coverage. At the moment, you can officially use the product in Baltimore, and it works great when you have a signal. Come January 6th, 2009, you’ll be able to use the […] Read more »

We warned you we had some back-end stuff going on last night and that the ability to leave comments would be compromised. We are happy to report the work is over and with the exception of some minor cosmetic things you should be seeing us again […] Read more »

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