Stories for Jan. 6, 2009

UK pay TV giant Sky is readying plans to offer Sky Bet as a mobile service, which will be an extension of the companies existing online, int… Read more »

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up: “Music companies aren’t tech companies, although we depend on tech innovation for the evolution of our business,” Michael Nash, Warner Music Group’ s executive vice president for digital strategy and business development tells The Wall Street Journal. The fight […] Read more »

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ASUS tonight in Las Vegas at their press event at CES showed a new convertible netbook with multi-touch.  The device was a prototype and actually failed during the touch demo.  It looks like it has an 8.9-inch screen and a pretty decent keyboard.  We’ll get more […] Read more »

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Apple finally acquiesced to the demands of the record labels and introduced variable pricing to its iTunes music store. That’s good news for consumers, who also get DRM-free music. The problem is, it won’t fix what ails the music business, which by agreeing to 69-cents-and-up pricing might be setting consumer expectations even lower. No one ever said record labels were smart. Read more »

If you do any blogging, reporting or electronic publishing focused on timely topics, take a look at Whostalkin, a social media and metasearch engine for blogs that has just come out of private beta testing.  I’ve been experimenting with it today, and, for the most part, […] Read more »

North Carolina regulators gave a green light for Duke Energy‘s Carolinas subsidiary to install 10 megawatts of photovoltaic systems at hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings, homes, and schools last week. But the energy company’s plan to recover costs for the $50 million project through rate […] Read more »

Football magazine Pro Football Weekly has launched a mobile site,, which will include recent NFL headlines, behind-t… Read more »

A new report from Pike & Fisher should strike fear in the hearts of telecommunications companies. First, it posits that broadband growth will decline by 12 percent in the U.S. (although subscriptions themselves will grow by 8 percent), and that of the 5.7 million new broadband […] Read more »

The folks at Sling have done it again: dreamed up another cool product and told us about it before it’s available. Now it’s bringing its streaming, place-shifted video to the iPhone — and also HD video to Macs, as they demonstrated at Macworld in San Francisco […] Read more »

Apple’s last Macworld Keynote Address is now available to view online. It was announced last month that today’s keynote would be Apple’s last at the Macworld Expo. It was also announced that Steve Jobs would not be delivering the address but that Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior […] Read more »

DTV Coupon Program Out of Money; government program offering $40 toward digital converter box out of money weeks earlier than anticipated. (TVWeek) Sling Shows Off iPhone App, Mac Capabilities; SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone will let users watch TV and control their home DVR, SlingPlayer for Mac […] Read more »

Today the 17 inch MacBook Pro joined its younger siblings with a unibody construction. While many of the improvements were expected — based on the existing unibody models — and there are some worthwhile performance enhancements, Apple also had a couple of nice surprises in store. […] Read more »

Durham, N.C.-based Cree, maker of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), will soon illuminate a wing of the Pentagon that’s now undergoing renovations. Defense Department officials signed an agreement today for the company to supply more than 4,200 recessed LED fixtures for part of the Pentagon called Wedge 5. […] Read more »

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