Flocking to features

The new Vivaldi browser, unveiled a week ago by Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner, is off to a roaring start. Its first technical preview – the thing isn’t even in beta yet – has already had 400,000 downloads. As von Tetzchner said in a Wednesday update to supporters, this is more people than live in his native Iceland. His Vivaldi team is trying to provide a feature-rich power browser for people who don’t like the current trend for pared-back browsers that disappear into the background, a group that these days includes Opera (von Tetzchner quit the company a few years back). He also said in the message that the team will deliver new builds of the browser on a weekly basis.

Better late than never

Google’s flagship Nexus 6 smartphone has been available directly through the Google Play Store for months and also at most of the large U.S. carriers save one: Verizon. That’s changing, however, as Verizon now has a sign-up page for those interested in the smartphone and lists the Nexus 6 as “coming soon.” Droid Life spotted the updated web page on Verizon’s site, and points out that you could technically have already bought an unlocked Nexus 6 and got it working on Verizon’s voice and data networks but a direct offer from Verizon allows for customers to take advantage of upgrade options.

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