Thinking Strategically About Software Bills of Materials <strong>(SBOMs)</strong>

Where did SBOMs spring from? As someone who (let’s say) has been around the block a few times, I’ve often felt confronted by something ‘new’, which looks awfully like something I’ve seen before. As a direct answer to the question, I believe it was wot dunnit, when in 2021 the White House released an […]

How can industry analyst firms work better with early stage startups?

Hands moving cogs

Jon caught up with Analyst Relations specialists Robin Schaffer and Chris Holscher about their research report, “State of Startups with Industry Analysts,” conducted with the University of Edinburgh.  Jon: Thanks for joining me Robin and Chris, and thank you for sharing your research! Let’s get to it – what does it tell you about the […]

CXO Insight: Do We Really Need Kubernetes at the Edge?

Last week I attended Edge Field Day 1, a Tech Field Day event focused on edge computing solutions. Some of the sessions really made me think. Edge infrastructures are quite different from anything in the data center or the cloud: the farther from the center you go, the tinier devices become. Less CPU power, less […]

Chairs, towels and GPS devices: where’s the line for analyst event swag?

Cisco gave me a chair once. It wasn’t just me, you understand – they handed one out to every person that attended their analyst event, at their UK offices at Bedfont Lakes. It was a lovely chair – one of those collapsible ones you might want to take camping, but this one had an extra […]

GigaOm Research Bulletin #001

GigaOm Radar

Hello! To kick things off, please let us express our gratitude for vendor participation in our research last year. We are now researching 1,700 vendors across 120 solution categories. Last year we were briefed by a total of 836 vendors, which is staggering. Whether responding to questionnaire requests or fact checks, or just including us […]

<strong> ideas people drive tech-first innovation</strong>

Will I Am Blog is enthralling, sharp, and, yes, he has technical smarts and a view on the future. At a recent Atlassian ITSM event, at the O2 in London, The Black-Eyed Peas performer had some interesting things to say to Atlassian’s Dom Price about his philanthropy, and what he has learned about teamwork. More than this, he […]

To UEBA or not to UEBA? That is the question

GigaOm Security Analyst Chris Ray looks at how UEBA is more than a security monitoring tool Over recent years, user and entity behavior analysis (UEBA) has evolved as a new set of tools in the chief information security officer (CISO)’s armory. So, where has it come from and how can today’s solutions help?  To answer […]

What do GigaOm analysts see as the big trends in 2023?

2023 Analysts 2023

This week I spoke to a number of GigaOm analysts about how they see 2023. Costs are driving, and consolidation, better architectures and more and governance are following, they told me – while this will cause a wave of uncertainty, you can be taking steps now to get ahead. Let’s tune into what they said, […]

In Software Development, Address Complexity and the Rest Will Follow

GigaOm Software Development

Where is DevOps going? Is it ‘dead’ as some are suggesting, to be replaced by other disciplines such as platform engineering? I would proffer that while it was never as simple as that, now is as good a moment as any to reflect on approaches such as those discussed in DevOps circles. So, let’s consider […]

Why DevOps is failing: It’s Not You, It’s The Tools

GigaOm GitOps

We all know the adage — “Bad workers blame their tools.” But here’s five reasons why the software tools involved in DevOps in general, and the CI/CD pipeline in particular, have become part of the problem rather than the solution.  1. They take too long to deploy This, it must be said, is a massive […]