Sometimes, good ol’ latitude and longitude can unleash a river of insight. In what cities are most of the greentech firms emerging? What state has seen the most coal plants shuttered? Over the past two years, we’ve been slowly plotting trends and emerging companies on this handy set of Earth2Tech maps. We hope you find them useful:

Biofuel Deathwatch List

View Biofuel Deathwatch List in a larger map

Coal Power Death Watch

View Coal Power Death Watch in a larger map

101 Cleantech Startups

View 101 Cleantech Startups in a larger map

Solar Map

View Utility-Scale Solar Installations in a larger map

Cellulosic Ethanol Race

View The Cellulosic Ethanol Race in a larger map

Wind Turbine Factories

View Wind Turbine Factories in a larger map

U.S. Green Car Battery Buildout

View Battery Buildout in a larger map

Where the Next Green Cars Will Be Born

View Green Car Factories in a larger map