Our analysts collaborate with the research lead and senior leadership team to devise a schedule of topics. We welcome vendors to review our GigaOm Radar report planning schedule and to fill out the vendor inclusion request form to express interest in participating in upcoming GigaOm Radar reports. We will note vendor interest in these areas, and analysts will review vendor offerings during the initial stages of their research to determine if a product meets the inclusion criteria for the report at that time.

Participation in our Radar reports is defined by table stakes—these are the minimum required capabilities for solutions in a sector—and vendors must meet ALL table stakes to be eligible for inclusion. Relevance is determined by functionality, not market presence. In this way, we create a level playing field for evaluation. In some cases, we develop additional inclusion criteria, for example, from use cases and/or for a specific subset of customers. In these instances, we may publish more than one Radar report for a single topic. This generally occurs in sectors where there is significant differentiation in requirements based on market segment, often this is defined as solutions for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises.

Sometimes vendors decline to participate in the GigaOm research process. In this case, if a product meets the table stakes for a GigaOm Radar report and falls within the inclusion criteria, we will include it. Doing otherwise would impair the value of the report. Of course, we welcome a vendor’s views as to why it might be inappropriate to include it in a report, and the analyst will take this feedback into consideration.

We have three checkpoints with vendors as part of our research process:

Project Planning Stage Icon

During our project planning stage, vendors are alerted to the upcoming research as part of a pre-briefing campaign and asked to confirm their contact information.

Data Gathering Stage Icon

During our data gathering stage, vendors are asked to complete a questionnaire and are invited to brief analysts on their offerings.

Fact-Checking Stage Icon

During our fact-checking stage, vendors are invited to review their scoring and write-up in the report for factual inaccuracies prior to publication.

GigaOm research follows a robust process as described within this document. To safeguard this rigor and ensure all vendors have the opportunity to participate fully in our evaluation, we strongly encourage vendors to complete our short questionnaire and schedule a briefing during the indicated briefing window. Once the briefing window is closed, briefings and escalations are not guaranteed and are instead considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval from GigaOm’s executive leadership team.