Gigaom Webinars

Work with GigaOm Analysts to Develop a Topic, Agenda, and Content for Webinars

  • GigaOm will provide a professional moderator
  • Other participants may include GigaOm Analysts or representatives from your organization
  • End-to-end production may be handled by GigaOm, or through your platform provider
  • Webinars are promoted on the GigaOm website, newsletter, and social channels
  • Lead generation and follow-up with registrants is available


  • Work together with the GigaOm Analyst to identify the topic and format.
  • Webinars are delivered with audio. Presenters may screen share. Attendees are muted and cannot share screens.
  • The GigaOm Analyst will prepare a slide deck (PPT) and will coordinate with the sponsor on content.
  • It’s good to have a couple weeks lead time!


  • Promotion should start seven to ten days in advance of the event. GigaOm will work with you to put together a promotional calendar.
  • We will work together to set a date/time and develop a description of the webinar for promotional purposes.
  • GigaOm client services will schedule the webinar and create the registration form. The registration form can include GigaOm and sponsor’s branding.
  • The registration form captures first name, last name, email, country, industry, organization, job title, the number of employees, and may be tailored if there are other things you wish to know.
  • The webinar will be promoted on the following channels: email to GigaOm mailing list; post at GigaOm website; tweeted one week before, two days before, and one day before the event by GigaOm, GigaOm Analyst, and sponsor; reminder emails generated from GoToWebinar to registrants in advance of the event with calendar invitation and sign-in instructions


  • GigaOm client services will schedule and invite presenters to a dry run a couple days in advance of the webinar.
  • This session can cover the technical aspects of production as well as rehearse the presentation.

Practice Session

  • Thirty minutes before the scheduled time for the webinar, GigaOm client services will launch the session in practice mode, which is not broadcast to the attendees.
  • All presenters will join the session and get their ducks in a row, fire-up the presentation, etc.
  • Just before the scheduled time, GigaOm client services will hand over host control to the presenters, all except for the presenters will go mute, the host will begin broadcast (end practice session), and GigaOm will start recording.


  • During the webinar, there are chat and Q&A functions available. Chat may be only among presenters or to all, including the attendees.
  • The Q&A function allows attendees to pose written questions, which may be fielded by the presenters, typically at the end of the session. Any unanswered questions may be follow-uped in email after the session.
  • At the end of the session, GigaOm stops the recording and creates an mp4 file.


  • GigaOm will provide the mp4 recording, PPT deck, and CSV files generated from GoToWebinar for registrations, attendees, and Q&A
  • GigaOm will post the recording at Vimeo and also at the Gigaom website as a sponsored post.
  • There is also the opportunity to send an email follow-up generated by GoToWebinar to attendees and to absentees within seven days of the event.

Please contact [email protected] for more information about sponsored webinars.