7 new technologies are positioning businesses for the future. Renowned practitioners revealed how during Gigaom Change.

In Fall 2016, emerging technology thought-leaders convened for an informative 3-day summit during Gigaom Change, where they shared use cases and answers with hundreds of CXO business leaders from around the world who now understand how these seven technologies are changing the way enterprises operate today.

AI, Robotics, 3D+ Printing, VR & Augmented Reality, Nanotechnology, Cybersecurity, and Human-Machine Interfaces.

In 28 hours of talks, hear how today’s leaders create better business decisions, customer experiences, and more revenue using these technologies, including:

  • The president of UPS Global Logistics and Distribution on why they are building 3D printing facilities across the worldwide supply chain to disrupt their own business.
  • A leader in the MIT Media Lab on how enterprises can create better customer experiences by building an interface into physical product to engage the digital world.
  • The Chairman of CognitiveScale, founding managing director of a $100M AI seed fund and past-IBM Watson GM, on why enterprises should include AI in every single customer experience to drive revenue and customer engagement.
  • The Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of IBM Watson on how Executives can interact with machines to identify the most important data in massive data sets to make better business decisions




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