Monitoring and Metrics for Web-Scale Applications

As applications move to a SaaS deployment model, the scale of deployments increases, often by orders of magnitude. At the same time, competitive pressures call for the use of continuous deployment and the integration of development and operations functions to bring the frequency of application updates from months to days or even hours. Monitoring solutions that were sufficient for on-premise applications do not meet the needs of web-scale applications in terms of robustness, scalability, elasticity, and flexibility for dealing with custom metrics.

To understand and respond to problems, enterprises must work toward an integrated monitoring and alerting system that can ingest data from a variety of sources and understand the normal range of behaviors for different applications and deployment modes to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio and make operations staff more productive.

Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor Librato for “Monitoring and Metrics for Web-Scale Applications,” a free analyst roundtable webinar that will help businesses understand the impact of the cloud on operations and help take steps toward a more efficient, powerful monitoring and management system. This live webinar will be hosted Thursday, April 3, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Key topics of discussion:

  • How do SaaS-based applications change the game for established monitoring tools and practices?

  • How can operations minimize “alert fatigue?”

  • What are the components of an, integrated monitoring system?

  • What are the potential benefits and costs of building an integrated system?

  • Should operations extend or replace existing tools?

  • How do new tools and procedures affect operations staffing?

  • How should businesses approach vendors and service providers?

Who should attend:

  • CIOs and CTOs

  • IT Operations

  • Application Developers