DevOps’ Achilles Heel: Dealing with Test Environment Complexity

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Managing application testing in large organizations is not getting any simpler, as increasing pressure to deliver faster development cycles is coming up against a wave of complexity caused by diversification of use cases, business-led innovation and such trends as the Internet of Things. In consequence, well-intended development initiatives all too often come unstuck — while smaller deployments achieve success, broader roll-out of practices such as DevOps come up against growing challenges of dealing with complexity, collaboration and change across the testing cycle.

Those setting strategy for, and managing pre-production test environments can feel the brunt of this common problem area. While the goal is to have environments available on-demand, decision makers can struggle to keep up with the number of potential scenarios their target environments are supposed to reflect. At the same time, they can experience the inertia of historical, monolithic production counterparts — over time, legacy testing environments have evolved to cover a broad range of quality assurance and governance needs but also create challenges as DevOps implementations struggle to integrate with established standards, processes, teams and roles.

What’s the answer? In this Webinar, GigaOm analyst Jon Collins speaks to representatives from Centrica and from enterprise software delivery provider Plutora to build a picture of the challenge and what can be done about it. We cover:

  • The State of Enterprise DevOps — where things are working, and where they are not
  • Test Environment Challenges — across scheduling, configuration, provisioning, and coverage management
  • Solutions and Options — available tools and techniques to deliver on tested DevOps
  • A Way Forward — first steps towards better-managed and agile test environments
So, if you’re struggling to track dependencies across projects, manage your testing configurations, keep visibility on everything that’s going on or otherwise deal with complexity in a rapidly changing context, tune in.