Connecting with the 3D Workforce: Distributed, Discontinuous, Decentralized

Traditional work is being disrupted. Managers are faced with a 3D workforce – one that is Distributed, Discontinuous, and Decentralized. Teams are mobile and geographically distributed, and they extend beyond the boundaries of a “corporation” to freelancers, customers, and supply chain partners. Timeshifting and multitasking force work to be discontinuous, and demand loosely coordinated, short-term projects. Decentralized teams get less oversight and are relying on results-only work styles.

Within companies, line-of-business and functional management must collaborate with their IT departments to get the most out of the new 3D workforce. Join Gigaom Research and Blue Jeans Network for “Connecting with the 3D Workforce: Distributed, Discontinuous, Decentralized,” a free analyst webinar on Thursday, January 16, 2013, at 10 a.m. PT.

What will be discussed

  • How does this new 3D workforce change the concept of unified communications?

  • How do the “three D’s” vary across corporate functions like sales, finance, marketing, IT, etc.? Which areas will embrace 3D concepts sooner?

  • How should line-of-business management support 3D worker mobility and BYOD? How do they get IT buy-in and support for the result?

  • How should they address social, video conferencing and other collaboration tools (Lync, Jabber) and processes.

  • What procedures should line-of-business and IT managers adopt to ensure future flexibility and measure results?

  • What’s a checklist of things they should seek from potential solution providers and partners?

Who should attend

  • Line of business management

  • Functional management

  • CIOs

  • IT Directors