Voices in Innovation – The Importance of Liability in Contracts with Michael Delzer

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Michael Dezler joins us for a riveting talk on the importance of liability and the potential costs of click-through contracts.

Michael Delzer

Michael is a visionary global leader who offers over 20 years of experience. Delivering competitive advantages from Start-Up ventures to Fortune-100 Corporations by leveraging market insights and accurate trend projections. He excels in identifying technology trends and providing holistic solutions resulting in passionate support of vision objectives by business stakeholders and IT staff.  Michael spent 15 years as America Airlines’ Chief Infrastructure Architecture Engineer and providing IT consulting to Fortune 1000 companies for over 20 years.

Michael has deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of the requirements for building IT solutions that optimize for value and speed while enabling innovation. Michael’s innovation is patent winning in finding creative ways to solve problems. Michael has received a Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects along with completed audits in over 1000 data centers in North America and Europe including building and operating data centers for over 20 years. He currently advises startups in green data center technologies.

As a visionary leader, Michael was recognized for accuracy in technology adoption and forecasting for having greater than 98% accuracy on a quarterly basis since 2010.

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