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Voices in Innovation – Stowe Boyd on People Analytic Platforms

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Analyst Stowe Boyd joins us to discuss his recent report on the key criteria of people analytic platforms, and the general evolution of technology in human resources.

GigaOm analysts and IT guests discuss the industry and emerging tech with host Johnny Baltisberger.

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About Stowe Boyd

Stowe is a well-known futurist, visionary, researcher, blogger and analyst. His focus is the future of work, and the tectonic forces pushing business into an unclear and accelerating future. He has worked with small, medium and Global 2000 enterprises in numerous industries and with software companies ranging from small ISVs to large enterprises like Microsoft.

Stowe has been tracking the social revolution online since 1999, when he coined the term ‘social tools’, and starting blogging. Stowe worked as an analyst, and later lead analyst, for Gigaom Research from 2011, and as the research lead in social tools, work technology, and the future of work area since fall 2012. He served as head of Research for Gigaom from July 2015 to November 2016.

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