Voices in Innovation – Jon Collins Discusses High-Value Activity in DevOps with Troy McAlpin

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Jon Collins speaks with Troy McAlpin about how technology cannot succeed by itself but needs to be deployed with an understanding of how to get the best out of people.

Today Jon Collins speaks with Troy McApin of xMatters, they discuss:

  • how to expand digital service provision, particularly in these times
  • the importance of visibility across services, teams, and stakeholders
  • the need to balance technology delivery with a focus on the human

Above all, we learn how technology cannot succeed by itself but needs to be deployed with an understanding of how to get the best out of people, building teams and individuals up rather than grinding them down.

Find Troy

Troy has set his career around helping organizations focus their talent on high-value activity, across business and IT, as a consultant and founder of several software companies. He is the CEO and founder of xMatters. You can find Troy on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Find Jon Online

Jon Collins has advised the world’s largest technology companies in product and go to market strategy, acted as an agile software consultant to a variety of Enterprise organizations, advised government departments on IT security and network management, led the development of a mobile healthcare app and successfully managed a rapidly expanding Enterprise IT environment. Jon is frequently called upon to offer direct and practical advice to support IT and digital transformation strategy has served on the editorial board for the BearingPoint Institute thought leadership program and is currently a columnist for IDG Connect.

Jon wrote the British Computer Society’s handbook for security architects and co-authored The Technology Garden, a book offering CIOs clear advice on the six principles of sustainable IT delivery. He has written innumerable papers and guides about getting the most out of technology and is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, and presenter.

You can find Jon on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this podcast, please check out his most recent report for GigaOm, "GigaOm Radar for Enterprise CI/CD".

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