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Voices in Innovation: Discussing the Effects of Covid-19 on the Tech Industry with Enrico Signoretti and Patrick Harr

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Analyst Enrico Signoretti and Patrick Harr, CEO of Panzura, join moderator Johnny Baltiseberger to discuss the effects that Covid-19 and the quarantine has had on the IT industry. They discuss the challenges that have arisen due to the new normal of remote working and video conferencing as well as how the mass scale of remote work has effected the data storage industry.

GigaOm analysts and IT guests discuss the industry and emerging tech with host Johnny Baltisberger.

Find Patrick Harr

You can find Patrick Harr on his personal Twitter, or check out everything that Panzura is doing on their website.

Find Enrico Online

You can find Enrico on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this podcast, please check out his recent report for GigaOm, "GigaOm Radar for Hosted Kubernetes Solutions".

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