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Voices in Innovation – David Linthicum Discusses AI and Technological Responses to Covid-19 with Rick Cnossen from Intel

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David Linthicum speaks with Rick Cnossen from Intel on the current innovation going into AI research and development and how it has interacted with Healthcare, especially in the age of Covid-19.

GigaOm analysts and IT guests discuss the industry and emerging tech with host Johnny Baltisberger.

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is a CTO and internationally renowned thought leader in cloud computing. David has spent the last 25 years leading, showing, and teaching large global enterprise organizations across all industries how to use technology resources more productively and constantly innovate.

David has been a CTO five times for both public and private companies, and a CEO two times in the last 25 years. David has published 13 books on computing and his thought leadership has appeared in Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes, InfoWorld and Lynda.com. He has expanded the vision of both startups and established corporations as to what is possible and achievable.

All of David’s opinions are his own.

Find Rick Cnossen

Rick Cnossen is the Senior Director, Global AI Sector Solutions for Intel, can be found on LinkedIn or through Twitter, you can also check out Intel's website.

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