Voices in Innovation – Andrew Brust Talks Global Workloads and Kubernetes with Jim Walker from Cockroach Labs

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In this special sponsored episode, Andrew Brust meets with Jim Walker from Cockroach Labs to discuss the current state of global workloads and the tools we use to achieve them.

Andrew Brust

Andrew has held developer, CTO, analyst, research director and market strategist positions at organizations ranging from the City of New York and Cap Gemini to Gigaom and Datameer. He has worked with small, medium, and Fortune 1000 clients in numerous industries and with software companies ranging from small ISVs to large clients like Microsoft. Andrew’s resulting understanding of technology, and the way customers use it, makes his market and product analyses relevant, credible, and empathetic.

Andrew has tracked the Big Data and Analytics industry since its inception, as Gigaom’s Research Director and ZDNet’s lead blogger for Big Data and Analytics. Andrew co-chairs Visual Studio Live!, one of the nation’s longest-running developer conferences. As a longtime technical author and speaker in the database field, Andrew understands today’s market in the context of its longtime Enterprise underpinnings.

Find Jim Walker

Jim Walker, Vice President of Product Marketing for Cockroach Labs, can be found on LinkedIn or through Twitter, you can also check out Cockroach Labs' website.

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