Voices in Innovation – A Roundtable Discussion on Persistent Memory

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This week we pull together a great discussion on persistent memory with analysts Enrico Signoretti, Jason Collier, and Matt Leib.

Enrico Signoretti

Enrico has 25+ years of industry experience in technical product strategy and management roles. He has advised mid-market and large enterprises across numerous industries and software companies ranging from small ISVs to large providers.

Enrico is an internationally renowned visionary author, blogger, and speaker on the topic of data storage. He has tracked the changes in the storage industry as a Gigaom Research Analyst, Independent Analyst and contributor to the Register.

Jason Collier

Jason Collier has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the technology industry. Jason was the Founder and Chief Evangelist at Scale Computing, one of the early pioneers in the hyperconvergence space. Previously, Jason was VP of Operations at Corvigo where he oversaw sales engineering, technical support, internal IT, and datacenter operations. Prior to Corvigo, Jason was VP of Information Technology and Infrastructure at Radiate. There he architected and oversaw the deployment of the entire Radiate ad-network infrastructure, scaling it from under one million transactions per month when he started to more than 300 million at its peak.

He has worked with companies such as Dell, Lenovo, Supermicro, Google, Schneider Electric, Acronis, Farm Bureau Insurance, Delhaize, Auburn University, Steel Dymanics, Sumitomo, Nippon, Coca Cola, Air Liquide, Menards, Stena AB  as well as Benchmark Electronics. Jason has also leant his expertise and knowledge to many state and local government agencies such as Fire/Police and SLED as well as many others.

Jason is one of the pioneers of hyperconvergence and is an expert in virtualization, data storage, networking, cloud computing, data centers, and edge computing. In his current role as an analyst, Jason provides distinctive technology and intelligent strategy solutions in both enterprise and startup settings.

Matt Leib

After a long career as an enterprise engineer, Matthew endeavored into a new phase of his career, as a pre-sales architect. At this point, he began blogging as well. In 2018, he was ranked one of the 50 storage bloggers to watch. A long-time contributor to many storage, cloud, and compute industry stalwarts, writing technical marketing, competitive analysis, and performing research as well. He’s written for Oracle, EMC, Pure Storage, HPE, Dell/EMC, and many others.

He’s been recognized by VMware, Cisco, Pure, Dell/EMC, NetApp, and others for his contribution to the industry, and has become a recognized speaker, podcaster, and industry veteran. His courses have trained solutions architects, and salespeople throughout the industry, as well as teaching within the Depaul University Masters in MIS program in Chicago, a disaster recovery class.

Matthew has been recognized as a knowledgeable speaker in multiple categories, understanding the value prop and ecosystem surrounding many differing approaches and many diverse sets of solutions. In his spare time, Matthew plays guitar and has even built a couple. He lives in Skokie, IL, with his dog Stella, and has a daughter.

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