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Voices in Data Storage – Live from Dell Technologies World

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In this special episode of Voices in Data Storage, Enrico Signoretti holds 5 mini-interviews with guests and speakers from the Dell Technologies World Event.

Today's leading minds talk Data Storage with Host Enrico Signoretti

Tune in for  a special episode of ViDS podcast, recorded live at Dell Technologies World.   Analyst Enrico Signoretti is joined by Dell executives, partners, end users and influencers to talk all things Dell and provide commentary from the event...

What’s Discussed?

00:17 - Intro

00:50 - A quick comment on the Opening Keynote with Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) and Tim Crawford (@tcrawford)

13:01 - A conversation about Dell’s strategy and maturity, EMC and some guessing about its future with Chris Mellor (@Chris_Mellor)

28:15 - Ray Lucchesi (@raylucchesi) comments on Dell EMC announcements and, more in general, on the status of the storage industry.

37:44 - Virtual Instruments and SanBlaze talk about performance analysis and NVMe-OF

56:47 - An update on DriveScale with Denise Shifman (@Deniss)

1:04.54 - Closing remarks and info on additional episodes recorded at Dell Technologies World

“Dell Technologies World was a very good show, and I had the chance to talk with a lot of interesting people,” says Enrico  “It was impossible to squeeze everything in a single episode, so I have recorded two additional chats that will be included in our standard schedule, stay tuned!”

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