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Voices in Data Storage – Episode 37: A Conversation with Rob Lee

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Enrico speaks with Rob Lee, Vice President, and Chief Architect at Pure Storage.

Today's leading minds talk Data Storage with Host Enrico Signoretti


Rob Lee is Vice President and Chief Architect at Pure Storage, focused on product architecture and strategy and identifying new innovation opportunities. He joined Pure in 2013 as part of the FlashBlade founding team and led the software architecture and development for the product from concept to launch. Prior to Pure, Rob was an Architect at Oracle, where he was particularly focused on building JIT compiler and language runtime technologies for the Oracle RDBMS, as well as high-performance distributed transaction processing for Oracle Coherence. Rob has been granted over 40 patents in the areas of distributed systems, language runtimes and storage systems. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Find Rob at Linkedin or at Pure Storage

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You can find Enrico on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this podcast, please check out his recent report for GigaOm, "Key Criteria for Evaluating Hybrid Cloud Data Protection".

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