Voices in Data Storage – Episode 34: A Conversation with John Goodacre of Bamboo

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In this episode, Enrico speaks to John Goodacre of Bamboo about ARM systems and their place, both historic and future in the Data Center.


John Goodacre, Professor, Chief Scientific Officer, and Co-founder Bamboo Systems

Professor John Goodacre founded Bamboo Systems to bring the benefits of an innovative architecture and the resulting ground-breaking, energy-efficient servers, to market. He holds a Professorship in Computer Architectures from the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester having recently transitioned from being the Director of Technology and Systems at ARM Ltd.

John’s career lists multiple firsts, including the realization of the first scalable commodity telephony platform, the introduction of the first real-time, online collaboration tools that shipped in Microsoft Exchange 2000, while more recently, the design and introduction of the ARM MPCore multicore processor and associated technologies that moved ARM from the feature phone to smartphones and beyond.

Having successfully bid for a UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, John has helped the UK government funding agency, UKRI, as the Challenge Director responsible for the £200M program of activities and research to fundamentally increase the security of the world’s digital infrastructure. His roles today extend across the academic, industrial and government sectors. His research interests include web-scale servers, the application of ARM technologies, exascale efficient high-performance systems and secure, ubiquitous computing. John sits on various advisory boards at both the national and European level and is a frequent conference speaker.

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