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Voices in Cloud – Episode 22: A Conversation with Sanjeev Sharma of Accelerated Strategies

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In this episode, David discusses building out cloud strategies for the enterprise with Sanjeev Sharma of Accelerated Strategies.


Sanjeev Sharma is an internationally known DevOps and Cloud Transformation, and Data Modernization thought leader, technology executive, and author. Sanjeev’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO, Technical Executive, and Cloud Architect leader. As an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Sanjeev was recognized at the highest levels of IBM’s core of technical leaders. He is currently a Principal Analyst at Accelerated Strategies.

Sanjeev provides leadership to drive the adoption of cutting-edge solutions, architectures, and strategies for DevOps and Cloud transformations and advises C-level and senior technical executives leading these transformations. Sanjeev published his 2nd bestseller book ‘The DevOps Adoption Playbook’ in 2017. He regularly blogs and podcasts on DevOps, Cloud, and Data Modernization on his popular blog.

You can find Sanjeev on Twitter, LinkedIn, his blog or on his business website.

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