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Gigaom AI Minute – October 19

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Brain-inspired supercomputers are the topics of today's AI Minute.

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Whether or not to model a digital brain after the human brain, is still an open question. However, recently the United States Air Force and IBM announced that they're partnering on a brain-inspired supercomputer which is powered by a 64-chip array of IBM's True North neuro-synaptic system. This system will have 64 million neurons, or the equivalent thereof, and 16 billion synapses.

While the 64 million neurons is far short of the 100 billion that the human brain has, one interesting thing about this machine is that while the human brain requires 20 watts of power to run, the largest supercomputers in the world require something on the order of 20 million watts to run. The interesting thing about this initiative between IBM and the Air Force is that this computer will only use 10 watts of power.

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