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Podcast Episode

Gigaom AI Minute – May 27

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In this episode, Byron talks about the power of AI.

Gigaom brings you our unique analysis and commentary on the present and future of AI.


I believe in the power of artificial intelligence. I think it's a big deal, and this shouldn't come as any surprise. But I always like to entertain the contrarian position because it too has dedicated adherents. So I want to ask, what if I'm wrong? What if AI and automation aren't advancing very fast right now? What if we're just caught up in another hype cycle? What if the debate about transparency and explainability of AI is all bogus, and we will have none of it? Just like we have no transparency and explainability about, say, your credit score? What if the debate about the use of AI in war is actually just another debate about war, and AI doesn't change anything at all about warfare? What if technology isn't growing any faster than it did in the 80s or in the 2000s? What if all of this frenzy is just manufactured urgency and hype?

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