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Gigaom AI Minute – June 8

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In this episode, Byron talks about the Gigaom "Robot Overlord" test.

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We've posted a "Robot Overlord" test at the following URL: gigaom.com/aitest

This is fifteen questions that are yes/no, agree/disagree that aren't going to look to you like they have anything to do with technology, but they do. They are questions like: does everything that occurs in your body a result of mechanistic forces, or in the grand scheme of things there is no right and wrong, or humans are a fundamentally different thing from animals, we're not just better animals. And there are fifteen of those kinds of questions.

The test purports to say, take your answers to those and talk about the logical conclusion of them on three questions, which are: "Are the robots going to take all the jobs?" "Are we going to be able to build a general intelligence?" And, "Can computers become conscious?" The reason being is that those three question, in the end, are not technical questions, but philosophical questions about the nature of the universe. And so we tried to make a test that maps your answers to those questions to what follows about the three issues relating to computers.

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