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Gigaom AI Minute – June 2

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In this episode, Byron talks about smart appliances.

Gigaom brings you our unique analysis and commentary on the present and future of AI.


Your house may have some smart appliances in it, maybe a smart dryer. A dryer that knows the fabrics that are in it and how hot to dry them and for how long and for how fast and all the rest. And we call it "smart" to differentiate from what came before it. But we kind of know it's not really smart, not in the sense that, say, a person is smart.

But then the question becomes, large computers, the ones, for instance, that artificial apps are run on are the exact same technology that's in that dry, and so can they actually ever be "smart" any more than the dryer can be "smart"? And if they can't be smart or intelligent any more than the dryer, then maybe a general intelligence is beyond a machine's reach.

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