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Gigaom AI Minute – June 18

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In this episode, Byron talks about AI being a threat.

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To argue against artificial intelligence--and again a narrow AI, not a general artificial intelligence, but the kind we know how to build now--to argue against it, to say that we really shouldn't build it or that it is somehow a bad technology is akin, in my way of seeing things, to making a case for ignorance. Artificial intelligence, at its core, is about making more informed decisions, about everything. To say that this is bad is a hard case to make. How can the simple idea of, "Let's study data about the past so that we can make better decisions about the future," be threatening to anyone? And if it does threaten something, isn't that something that needs to be threatened?

One Response to “Gigaom AI Minute – June 18”

  1. Stephen Moffitt

    I’m not sure the argument is whether or not to build narrow AI, but more about the unintended consequences of AI, particularly with regard to an potential unintended bias built into the learning process.

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