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Gigoam AI Minute – June 16

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In this episode, Byron talks about processing power versus intelligence.

Gigaom brings you our unique analysis and commentary on the present and future of AI.


The processing power of computers may not be a very good correlate to the concept of intelligence. Computers, after all, do one thing, they do math. Your brain however does something very different. Now, we can use a computer's ability to do math to emulate something like intelligence, but candidly it's more than a bit of a kludge. Your brain is not an information processing computer. Your brain does not have a processor and it does not have memory the way a computer does. Through means we don't really understand, you get intelligence in a way that's fundamentally different than how a machine does. Therefore, it does not follow in my mind that faster computers will give us more machine intelligence. If we ever get true machine intelligence, I believe that it will either be with a different kind of software entirely, or a different kind of machine.

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