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In this episode, Byron talks about the hype surrounding AI.

Gigaom brings you our unique analysis and commentary on the present and future of AI.


Unquestionably the amount of hype and excitement around artificial intelligence is extraordinarily high, but is it warranted. Can it really affect the kind of change that some people say that it will? I wanted to kind of anecdotally demonstrate this to myself so I got a list of SIC codes and just randomly looked through it to ask myself, "Would artificial intelligence help in that industry?" What surprised me is that with virtually every one the answer was yes, and more than yes the applications came quickly and seemed to be significant.

To just go through the order that I came upon these: SIC code 0119, dry bean farming, of course, you can see that agriculture would make wide use of artificial intelligence. 1044, silver mining, the same thing you could see silver mining looking for new deposits all the way to making improvements in the refinery process. 2022, cheese manufacturing, they might use it to better predict sales or to enhance some of their processes. 5812, which are caterers, which might use artificial intelligence to better know how much food to prepare. 5994, art dealers, just this very week artificial intelligence was released that could spot forgeries. 8051, nursing homes, the number of applications there is incredibly high. 7033, RV parks, I struggled with that one a little bit. And finally 9711, National Security, obviously there are any number of applications there.

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