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Yesterday’s AI Minute, I looked at what happens if you type, “Is artificial intelligence…” into Google to see what people are asking what it is. Today, I typed in “Will artificial intelligence…” to get an idea of what people are asking it is going to do. Here is the full list, without any omissions. Will artificial intelligence:

Take over?
Take over the world?
Destroy the human race?
Take over jobs?
Destroy humanity?
Replace humans?
Eliminate my job?
Create jobs?
Take jobs?

It’s really a downer of a list. I mean, if you think about it, you don’t see:

“Will artificial intelligence create universal prosperity?”
“Will it cure all diseases?”
“Will it prolong human life?”
“Will it help us solve all of our social problems?”

And these are all legitimate things that many people believe that artificial intelligence will be able to do. But the fact remains that, in the minds of, clearly, a very large majority of people, there’s far more concern about the negative things that this kind of technology will do than there is hope for the positive things.

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