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Gigaom AI Minute – April 7

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Elon Musk and AGI are the topics of today's AI Minute.


Elon Musk has predicted that we will have an artificial general intelligence by the year 2026. An artificial general intelligence, or AGI, is an AI that is as smart and versatile as a human being. People outside of the artificial intelligence field might be surprised at how radically out of step that prediction is, compared to the practitioners in the field. In my hour-long show, “Voices in AI,” where I’ve spoken to 50 or 60 AI practitioners, people who are working in the field, I've never met a single person who believes that AGI is anywhere near that imminent. This leaves us with one of two conclusions. Either Musk is privy to information that no one else has or no one outside of the industry has and he's making his predictions based on that or he's given the same set of information that everyone else has and is drawing radically different conclusions than the practitioners in the industry.

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