Gigaom AI Minute – April 18 2017

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AMP Robotics and Alpine Waste & Recycling, Canada, Pegasystems, Intel, Nielson are all in today's AI Minute.


  • AMP Robotics and Alpine Waste & Recycling have released a recycling robot, Clarke. The robot employs deep learning to improve its sorting skills. Using its computer vision system, Clarke can sort recycling and is able to grab 60 cartons per minute with almost perfect precision.
  • Canada’s federal government has set up a US$93 million fund for research related to artificial intelligence. The Canadian government is seeking to position itself as a leader in AI, attracting top minds and investment in Canada’s innovation via this fund.
  • A new survey released by Pegasystems Inc revealed that while only 34% of respondents believed that they had experience with AI, 84% use AI-powered technology in their daily lives.
  • Today Intel launches its AI Developer Education Program to train 15,000 AI scientists, researchers, developers and other AI professionals in India. The focus will be on deep learning and machine learning.
  • Nielson released Nielsen AI today, a tool that uses AI to give marketers a leg up on real-time marketing deployment. The system uses device-linked social media outlets, search engines, apps and sites to provide instantaneous and timely marketing opportunities.
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