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Gigaom AI Minute – April 12

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In this episode, Byron talks about AI and security.

Gigaom brings you our unique analysis and commentary on the present and future of AI.


Anyone who has read my writing knows I am an optimist when it comes to technology, and AI is no exception. It literally makes everyone on the planet smarter. There is no way, to my mind, that this can be spun into something negative. But all technologies can be misused, and AI is no exception. Over the next three episodes, I would like to explore that.

The third and final one is security. As we attach millions of new devices to the Internet every day, we are increasing our vulnerability to an AI-based attack on them. These devices, for the most part, cannot be upgraded, so security vulnerabilities, once found will be hard if not impossible to remediate against. A bug in a connected refrigerator, for instance, could be manipulated to run the motor so hard and relentlessly that the appliance catches on fire. This is a problem that will only get worse, and we have no effectively plan for solving it in the future.

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