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Gigaom AI Minute – April 11

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In this episode, Byron talks about warfare and AI weapons.


Anyone who has read my writing knows I am an optimist when it comes to technology, and AI is no exception. It literally makes everyone on the planet smarter. There is no way, to my mind, that this can be spun into something negative. But all technologies can be misused, and AI is no exception. Over the next three episodes, I would like to explore that.

The second way it can be misused is through warfare. AI weapons will certainly make kill decisions. After all, we already use dumb weapons like bombs and missiles. Why would any country shy away from using smart weapons. The AI will identify and assess a target and then follow whatever orders it has been given. We will make killer robots, you can count on it. The chilling side effect is that these will lower the costs, both financially and politically, for rich countries to wage war on poorer ones. There is no way to avoid this, I’m afraid.

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