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Gigaom AI Minute – April 10

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In this episode, Byron talks about privacy and AI.


Anyone who has read my writing knows I am an optimist when it comes to technology, and AI is no exception. It literally makes everyone on the planet smarter. There is no way, to my mind, that this can be spun into something negative. But all technologies can be misused, and AI is no exception. Over the next three episodes, I would like to explore that.

The first misuse is privacy. Once an AI can reliably infer meaning from written words, the entire body of email sent around the world can be combed for views or ideas that some find objectionable. Same with social media posts. Once voice to text becomes more perfect, every phone conversation as well. And once AI can read lips, then cameras can pick up all of the rest of the conversations. There is no easy answer to this problem, and may, in fact, be no hard answer either. In the future your only true privacy may just be the privacy of your own thoughts.

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