Radar Reports

Find the best solution for your business with expert sector analysis and competitive evaluations

GigaOm Radar reports breakdown technologies and products, focusing on key criteria and vital evaluation factors to provide a visual understanding of the solution space.

Radar Report Benefits

Understand the competitive space

Develop a picture of the total solution sector, with detailed, rigorous analysis that informs your decision making and shapes the adoption process.

Focus on differentiating criteria

Leverage the unique GigaOm Radar methodology to hone in on the critical criteria and organizational impacts that define the value to your business.

Drive prompt decision making

Gain the clarity you need to make high-stakes decisions, with the technical backing you need to align organizational support, budget, and resources.

The GigaOm Radar

The GigaOm Radar synthesizes our practitioner-led, data-driven analysis of a technology sector. GigaOm analysts select solutions based on support for table stakes—features we expect all solutions in the sector to provide. They then score both the capabilities that differentiate solutions (key criteria) and the non-functional requirements that impact the value solutions have to the organization (evaluation metrics). Vendors are positioned on the Radar chart based on their relative scores.

The closer to the center of the Radar chart a vendor sits, the better its execution and value, with top performers occupying the inner Leaders circle.


Risk-aware. Emphasizes stability and continuity but may be slower to innovate.


Aggressive. Prioritizes flexibility and early action but may invite disruption.


Narrow focus. Offers short time to value and ease of management, but limited functionality.


Broad scope. Offers robust features and interoperability, but heightened complexity.


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