sonar reports

Bridge the gap between the latest technology and the risk associated with it

GigaOm Sonar reports sound out new and nascent technology sectors so you can anticipate and align your IT planning around leading-edge solutions ahead of your competition.

Sonar report benefits

Gain technical insight before your competition

GigaOm Sonar Reports provide a structured analysis of nascent technology sectors to give decision makers a clear and early view of vendor positioning and direction.

Sonar report benefits

Get a clear view with a Three point analysis

Strategy, roadmap, execution. GigaOm Sonar reports’ three-point methodology assesses vendor performance by evaluating vision, planning, and action to provide a forward-looking plot of solutions in the space.

Make better informed decisions

Manage risk and maximize advantage with reports that enable you to navigate volatile technology sectors and anticipate hard-to-predict change.

How GigaOm Sonar reports drive decision making.

Build a powerful competitive advantage with GigaOm Sonar reports that provide deep dives into emerging technologies and trends.


When assessing emerging technologies, it’s critical to take a forward-looking approach that goes beyond requirements for initial adoption to fully grasp the future course of the technology. The ability to see beyond the initial use case enables organizations to realize strategic benefit and maximize return on investment (ROI).


A structure is only as strong as its foundations, and this is doubly true for fast-evolving technologies that will find themselves adapted in new and sometimes surprising ways. GigaOm Sonar reports ground their findings in structural analysis of the core architectures of nascent solutions to understand their true potential.


Vision and planning take you only so far. Our Sonar reports evaluate execution in the open market, judging vendors’ go-to-market strategies and their ability to create solutions that fit customer needs.



GigaOm’s Radar is distinctive – it’s looking at the product attributes rather than the market share of a company. Market share is a ‘rear view’ metric – and isn’t very useful given the pace of technological change.


Digital native with top experts on new technologies like Object storage, Kubernetes, AIOps.

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