Become a Gigaom Analyst

Are you an expert with deep understanding and experience in emerging technologies looking for a wider platform for your research and analysis? Can you work with clients, lead research efforts, write insightful reports, and orchestrate content development around a given theme or subject? Do you have original research reports that you would like to resell? Please contact for more information about becoming a Gigaom Analyst.

Contribute Articles and Reports

Gigaom is an emerging technologies research and analysis company focused on business, no longer a tech news site. As a result, and to clarify, we are actively soliciting articles (posts) that address important trends that impact businesses, especially business leaders grappling with the implications of emerging technologies.

Therefore, we are open to contributions that would appeal to those leaders, and to the companies building the technology products involved. This generally excludes consumer-oriented articles, news that isn’t analyzed from a business perspective, announcements of funding, hiring, mergers, and the opinions of CEOs or entrepreneurs about their markets.

In the perfect world, short-form submissions would be coming from analysts who would like to expand on the content presented, in subsequent long-form reports or other research, and not as an end in itself.

Successful articles and reports for Gigaom comprise the following elements:

  • Around 300 to 500 words for articles / 3,000 to 5,000 for reports. Reports should include a summary, body, and conclusions.
  • A clear exposition in an area of primary interest. Please see our topics and trends.
  • A strong business angle, and your thoughts on how your subject impacts larger business and industry. We are primarily focused on helping business leaders navigate the emerging technologies landscape.
  • Specific examples, case studies, and anecdotes, backed up with references if possible.
  • No self-promotion.
  • Disclosure of any conflicts of interest, such as partnerships and investments in the parties mentioned in the post.
  • High quality, high-resolution images, screenshots, and infographics to illustrate your points. We require one image to be used as a featured image in the article. Include links to the images. Make sure that they are available for use.

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