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Businesses that rely on mobility can perform remote monitoring and management with SolarWinds MSP's (formerly LOGICnow) MSP RMM platform. Take control of patching, updates, service configurations, security and more from a single dashboard—accessible from any device.

Monitor Every Device

More businesses than ever need remote monitoring to check the status of reports, invoices and other electronic files on-the-go. Bring-your-own-devices (BYODs) can be used by entrepreneurs, managers and employees as a quick IT resource for finding, sharing and editing documents. Whether you’re using mobile devices, PC or Mac, SolarWinds MSP’s MSP RMM can help you keep track of data, create passwords and filter out unwanted websites or other vulnerabilities. 


TakeControl lets you do exactly that. From a single dashboard, just point and click to gain access to servers, workstations and more. In a matter of seconds, Take Control gives you:

  • Faster support
  • Lower costs
  • Secure connections
  • Reporting
  • Anytime access
  • Contact lists

Remote background management

Keep your team operating at 100% with Remote Background Management (RBM). RBM offers the following features:

  • File system
  • System configuration
  • Performance issue maintenance
  • Service management
  • Service dependencies

At SolarWinds MSP, we rely on 100% cloud-based competency. This means the connection between you and the information you need is never bogged down by slow servers, unsecured connections or reliance on a fixed-location company workstation.

Manage Your IT Solutions

Simplify your workload with best-in-class security. When keeping track of important patient and client files, you want two things: quick access and reliable security. With MSP RMM, you'll have constant access to managed networks and top-notch security featuers to proactively avoid data breaches and other risks.

Managed antivirus

Always updating and thinking ahead, our managed antivirus is your proactive solution to keeping out malware, ransomware, spam and more. Our data-driven solutions provide pinpoint accuracy in scanning, detecting and eliminating threats. Scan every device seamlessly and without draining system resources. You can also schedule scans after hours to keep your employees productive during peak hours.  

  • Control default policies
  • Customize settings
  • Control scan times
  • Easy setup
  • Allows endpoint branding

Patch management

Our remote patch management works with Apple, Google, Java, Adobe, zip tools, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and over 80 third-party applications and vendors. Never miss an update.

Mobile device management

Keep track of your data from your mobile device, PC or workstation.  Here’s what you can do from anywhere:

  • Security configuration
  • GPS location tracking
  • Monitor data usage
  • View device ownership details
  • Lock phones
  • Set passwords
  • Boot unwanted devices
  • Configure email and Wi-Fi
  • Full support across Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows

MSP RMM gives you much more:

  • Web protection
  • Online backup and disaster recovery
  • Asset and inventory tracking
  • Prescriptive analytics that help you prevent IT issues

Kick Your Bad Software Habits with SolarWinds MSP

Work safer, smarter and simpler with SolarWinds MSP. Monitor your entire network without ever having to juggle multiple pieces of software. Our automatic insights help you stay on top of it all simply, efficiently and with significantly reduced downtime. 

Try SolarWinds MSP’s MSP RMM today, free for 30-days.


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