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As technology grows, so do the ways in which your data can be compromised. Natural disasters, user error, hackers, viruses and security breaches can damage your stored files and prevent you from accessing them. Cloud-based remote management solutions let you backup information and recover data quickly. Look to SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) to keep your information backed up and ready to go.

How is Data Compromised?

Organizations like hospitals, finance companies and universities rely on storing and handling large sets of data every day. Ransomware, spyware, phishing, viruses and other data breaches can enter your network, compromising data and causing system failures. 

MSP Backup & Recovery helps achieve business continuity in minutes. Recover data remotely from anywhere, across any device on your network.

10 Benefits of SolarWinds MSP Backup and Recovery

Traditional cloud-based backup solutions take a lot of time to perform by searching superfluous pathways to retrieve data. MSP Backup & Recovery True Delta technology performs incremental block-level backups that cut backup time by up to 80% and reduce your risk of data loss when you need to restore. Data-driven insights give you less time to worry and peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

Here are just a few of the benefits of MSP Backup & Recovery:

  1. Continuous Recovery – Our virtual server stays up-to-date through cloud-based signaling. Recover your system in five minutes or less.
  2. Data Archiving – Keep your records safe and accessible for as long as you need them. Set restrictions on who can access information and for how long.
  3. File Versioning – Backup your data hourly, daily or monthly and set limits on how many versions to retain.
  4. Software Only – If your business has a private infrastructure, you can bypass our cloud component and get all the same benefits with our software-only version.
  5. Security-Focused Storage – Your information is secured with our best-in-class features. We encrypt and then house them in either ISO-certified or SSAE-compliant data centers to keep our information safeguarded and standardized for your industry.
  6. Bare Metal Recovery – Total system failure? No problem. Reboot everything from a bare metal USB drive.
  7. Faster Backups and Restores – Reduce backup windows and optimize your backups and restores.
  8. Hybrid Cloud Recovery – We can access your information from your in-house server, the cloud or a combination of the two with a hybrid solution.
  9. Virtual Disaster Recovery – This is a backup to our bare metal backup. Stay protected even against the worst problems.
  10. Virtual Machine Backups – Keep both VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems ready to go at the drop of a hat.

SolarWinds MSP Free Trial

There’s no excuse for missing an important deadline. When the reputation of your clients, patients and your business is on the line, you want to stay protected no matter what.

Choose simple. Choose intelligent. Choose SolarWinds MSP.

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