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Network security is a part of computer networking that involves securing a computer network infrastructure from threats. Threats to IT infrastructure can be anything from viruses and worms to identity theft, and can happen to businesses of any size. Network security is aimed at preventing and/or eliminating these threats, so it is extremely important that your business have network security measures in place. 

Network Security Threats

Network security attacks can perform multiple functions, from stealing system knowledge or personal information to interfering with the way a system operates. Some common network security attack methods include: 

  • Eavesdropping - interception of information by an unauthorized party. 
  • Viruses - self-replicating programs that can infect a network and cause damage. 
  • Worms - similar to viruses, but can be spread through email or be "network aware" and select their own targets. 
  • IP Spoofing Attacks - use a computer with an IP address that mimics the IP of a trusted computer in order to gain access to a network. 
  • Denial of Service - sends multiple requests to a system until it cannot respond to any more requests and totally shuts down. 
  • Trojans - disguise themselves as harmless programs but actually have a malicious intent. 
  • Phishing - attempt to get confidential data from an organization, group or individual by tricking users into exposing sensitive information. 

Types of Network Security 

Network security isn't one-type-fits-all. Because attack methods are so varied, companies should employ multiple security methods to ensure their network isn't compromised. Network security is typically done with hardware and software, such as:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Virtual Private networks

Your best method of defense against network security threats is to layer these solutions using an all-in-one tool. 

Layering Network Security Solutions

MSP RMM from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) is a layered security solution that enables you to identify threats before they happen and employ methods for protecting your network against them. MSP RMM includes:

  • Patch management
  • Web protection
  • Data breach risk intelligence
  • Managed antivirus
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Mobile device management
  • And more

Don't wait until its too late to protect your network from security threats. Start your free trial of MAX Remote Management today. 

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